Membership Discount Program

What is the Marion YMCA Membership Discount Program?

The Marion Family YMCA believes in providing membership and program services to all who seek us out, without bias and regardless of ability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, income or other demographic attribute. Furthermore, we are committed to providing discounts on membership and program fees for those who demonstrate financial need. The Y’s membership discount program, funded in part by our Annual Campaign, uses all available resources to provide support to those who have financial need and qualify for a discount.

Who is Eligible for a Membership Discount?

Membership Discounts are available through an application process. Individuals with annual income of less than $40,000 and households with annual income of less than $65,000 are encouraged to apply. For example, a household with four people and total household income of $55,000 may be eligible for a 35% discount.

Is it Possible to Join the Y for Free?

No. The Y believes a strong sense of ownership and pride is developed when the Membership Discount recipient contributes to the cost of their Y membership. Therefore, applicants will be asked to pay a portion of their membership and program fees.

How Quickly Can I Expect to Get Approved?

You can get a temporary membership immediately if you walk in with a Discount Application and paperwork.  We no longer approve applications while you wait.

The temporary membership is $13.50 per month plus $5.00 joiners fee. Your temporary membership will run for the rest of the month in which you join and one additional month. This will give time for you to hear back on your application. Cost of this temporary membership is the prorated amount for the month you join, $13.50 for the next full month, $5 joiners fee and sales tax. You must pay in full for the temporary membership. You may use this temporary membership just once per year. If you are missing paperwork and the approval process takes longer than your temporary membership, your membership will expire and you will need to finish the approval process without a membership.

The application approval process normally takes three to four weeks. You will receive a letter in the mail indicating whether or not you’ve been approved and the cost of your membership.

How Long Will the Discount Continue?

The discount is generally granted for one year.  If you are currently unemployed or waiting on SSI or other benefits, we will grant your discount for six months, after which you must reapply. Most participants must re-apply each year. We will send you a postcard reminder when it’s time to reapply.

How to Apply for the Membership Discount

To apply for the discount, simply download and complete the application form or, stop by the Y and pick up a form. Bring the completed form with the required documentation to the Y.

Discount may not be awarded if any information is incomplete.
The form must include all sources of income from ALL adults in the household. Lack of documentation may prevent you from receiving a discount. See application form for required documentation.

Adults not claimed as someone’s dependent, who claim no income and/or have no documentation of income must provide a letter on letterhead from a social service agency or faith organization validating estimated household income and need for financial assistance.

All subsidy applications and personal documents are kept confidential.

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