March 6 through April 7
Pick your madness and earn prizes
Sign up at the Y anytime, but the challenge begins March 6


Bracket 1 – Strength and Cardio

Use the Exercise Bracket Sheet to  perform two exercises at a time and write your favorite on the chart.  You must do at least 10 of each of the exercises on three different dates between March 6 and April 7.   We have paired up exercises that work your legs, abdominals, cardio, back and chest.  Add them to your daily routine or just focus on the brackets all month for a full-body workout.  You will be given a bracket and each time you complete your
exercises you must have a wellness coach initial your paper.

Bracket 2 – Swim the Distance

Final Four NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship will be in Houston, Texas which is 17 hours away.
Lap swim a total of 17 hours from March 6 through April 7
You will receive a card to track your time and it must be initialed by a lifeguard each session

Bracket 3 – Strengths in Groups

Attend 3 land group exercise classes a week from March 6 to April 7. Try out some of the amazing group x classes we offer here at the y.  You will receive a card to have the instructor initial and date each class you attend.

Bracket 4 – Cardio for the title

Do cardio of your choice 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes between the dates of  March 6 to April 7. Your cardio can be walking or running on the track, using any cardio piece in the wellness or playing basketball or pickleball.  You will receive a card to track your activity, date and time and it must be initialed by a wellness Coach or Member Service Staff or Director each session.

Cost $10 For Members Only. All participants can do as many brackets as they want. 
Each bracket is $10


· Every participant that completes their bracket will receive a Y t shirt.

· You can receive multiple t shirts for each bracket you complete.

· Each bracket has a grand prize winner. Two months of your membership for free.

· You must complete your bracket and also guess closest to the final score of the NCAA Men's
Basketball final game.

· Individuals may only win one grand prize. If someone wins in multiple brackets, the grand prize will
go to the next closest.

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